About Us

We Invite everyone to participate in our Interactive Live Video Suite for Party Fun, Musical Entertainment and Dating Romance.

It's all Free. You can Browse the Local Community Action or Hop across America listening to Live Video Gigs where thousands of musicians perform in everything from Rock to Jazz, Blues to Bluegrass and so on.

You don't have to be Lonely because we'll match you up with a Live Video Date so you can both Live Video Party together. There's No Party Crashing here - Everyone is invited and you can choose from Thousands of Live Parties - Locally or almost Anywhere. It's all Happening "Live." You can See and Talk Live with Everyone - But, you can choose to be a Wallflower too and just watch the action.

There's all sorts of parties, such as Birthday Parties, Event Parties, Office parties, even Boat Parties. The List of Parties and Locations will astound you, so Join a Party and Have Some Fun!

Of course, Video Dating can turn into Physical Dating because many people are interested in our Live Video Match. You simply enter a search where you can select personal attributes and view a short recorded video of the Match. If you're interested, you click on the Match Button and you're Instantly Connected by Live Interactive 2 Way Video. The contact is anonymous, however you can choose to share your profile. We highly recommend a few Video Dates before meeting in person.

Please, remember this - We're Live Video - You See and Talk Live with Everyone, including Party Goers, Band Musicians and of course, your "Live" Video Date. You're not just Viewing - You're Live Interacting! Your date will never forget the Live Video Gigs Performances.

Here is the Best Part - Everything is Free and there is Nothing to Download. We're also including our Live Video Communication Suite for Group or Personal Video Conferencing, so you can call all your friends, relatives and business associates by Live Interactive Video. All it takes to See and Talk Live is a Button Click, which can go on your profile page, website, social sites, ads, even emails. We're also including our Live Video Netcast Program, so Businesses can Live Netcast to Thousands of People Free. Check us out - We're changing the Net!